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DoogiDoogi - Korea's new drum-simulation game,

except that unlike Drummania, which has you playing an electronic drum kit, DoogiDoogi has you playing on real drums with acoustic triggers.

Their site (with videos) is here:

Features include:
- modes for both Konami-style "falling-notes" and scrolling sheet-music notation
- set includes high-hat (with pedal), foot-operated bass drum, snare drum, three toms, and two crash cymbals
- some kind of attachment that allows for drums and karaoke simulanteously
- enclosure available for arcade settings

As for songs, Chi from DDRUK (who has already gotten a chance to play a test-version) inforums us:
Amongst others: Nirvana, Metallica, Radiohead, Skid Row, Rage Against the Machine, Extreme , and lots of K-pop stuff that I haven't a clue about. Great songs.

So yeah, obviously can't help but hope that this machine makes it way to my area. The main problem is obviously that that an insane investment. The game itself is probably going to be at least 10k, and it'll be more with the enclosure (mandatory for arcades, which is obvious if you've ever played a real drum set). Also, you have to worry about jackasses breaking the game~ it's already a problem with Drummania, and I'm not sure if it'll be better or worse with this game, but I'm sure it'll still be an issue. Also, I'm sure the game will be mostly Korean songs, so it's hard to say how long American players would enjoy it with the 10 or so (my guess) Western songs. And, of course, two of the main components that made Drummania so fun, the ability to session with Guitarfreaks and the top notch Konami originals, won't be there.

But despite all that, I'm playing this shit first chance I get. =D
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