Melchior (xd_melchior) wrote in drummaniacs,

V2 - Live2Go!

It's out.

Songlist from the location test is here, and I will update with all the new song list when I can get it.

Romaji for the Japanese song names of above list:
愛のために -> Ai no tame ni (For love) - Ueta Aya
上海ハニー -> Shanghai Hanii (Shanghai Honey) - Orange Range
ツバサ -> Tsubasa (Wing) - Under Graph
夏の扉 -> Natsu no Tobira (Summer Door) - Matsuda Seiko
南風 -> Minami Kaze (South Wind) - Remioromen
未来の地図 -> Mirai no Chizu (Map of the Future) - Mi
楽園の天使 -> Rakuen no Tenshi (Paradise Angel) - Koezuka Yoshihiko
リライト -> Reraito (Re-Write) - Asian Kung-Fu Generation
星のカケラ -> Hoshi no Kakera (Piece of Star) - Yum!Yum!Orange
魔法のタルト -> Mahou no Taruto (Magic Tarot) - Twinkle☆Berry
CaptivAte? ~裁き~ -> CaptivAte? ~sabaki~
君のハートにドキュン -> Kimi no haato ni Dokyun

Time to rejoice. =)
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