Baby Bonnie Hood (babybonniehood) wrote in drummaniacs,
Baby Bonnie Hood

BeForU theme pack

I've been meaning to announce this at GDAmania, but it's down for reasons that I have no knowledge of. So I'll say it here in the meantime.

Presenting, the BeForU theme pack; a compilation of all five GFDM BeForU songs in GDA and DTX format. These are all different GDA's by other people, compiled together by me and given additional content created by me (a few drum patterns, lots of guitar patterns, little fixes to the originals, etc.). And the overall quality is of the highest possible for sound, accuracy, and everything else. If you want a BeForU GDA/DTX, let it be this ;)

Extra notes:
- All 5 songs have all drums and guitars; no GDA or DTX lack any pattern.
- Since all 5 songs have no Ext Bass, I've filled up those empty spaces with two-player guitar patterns of my own invention. If Konami won't bring back two-player patterns, then I will.
- BreAk Down! Adv Bass still remains as the song's hardest guitar pattern, so the two-player pattern is instead located in Advanced while the Adv Bass pattern has been moved to Extreme.
- Due to the two-player patterns, the Ext Open of Himawari and *Shining* are slightly different from its official patterns. Their ratings have also been slightly adjusted to match this.
- And due to the two-player pattern, Scenario's guitar pattern on Ext is *very* different from what you might be used to.
- Instead of their GFDM versions, BreAk Down! and *Shining* use the music from their original games instead (DDR and Pop'n, respectively). However, they still use the notes from GFDM (though BreAk Down!'s beginning is slightly different, but it's just the same otherwise).
- In addition, *Shining* has an Original difficulty that showcases its drum pattern from the Pop'n version. Guitar notes, however, remain the same as in Extreme.
- Himawari has an Ultimate difficulty where you play all the song's drum notes (surprisingly enough, Ext held back on some). Bass is also made much tougher, and the guitar is a combination of both guitars to contain as many guitar notes as possible. Pure nonsense, I know...
- Chikara, Himawari, and Scenario are set up to use AVI; but for obvious space reasons, these AVI's are not included.
- And finally, Chikara's ratings on Extreme are different from the official ratings. I believe my ratings are more accurate though, hence why I changed them.
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