Braeden (_spaceboy) wrote in drummaniacs,

Hay guys.

I've been playing DrumMania for about a year now, but I don't live anywhere close to a machine so my skill at the game is pretty low. The hardest song I've passed was Funky Sonic World basic(36). I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I've played DM on the west coast of Canada( DM9, DM10 and DMV. Yeah theyre pretty well-off DM-wise) and in Minneapolis(DM3, my first exposure to the game). I really love the game and I hope I can get better at it, and that an arcade in my city gets it ;_;.

My timing on simple things like repetitive hi-hat striking sometimes goes completely off and I can't get it back on correctly, getting tons of poors, sometimes even failing the song! Any suggestions at how to get better at stuff like that? I'm also pretty bad at bass-snare kind of rythms...

Where can I find an image of the little icon for the DrumMania guy in the session mode for DMV and any other mixes? I have a really nice high-quality image of the DM10 guy if anyone wants it, too.

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