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Hey, I just joined =) I was wondering what songs you would suggest to learn bass? and how do you step on the bass? I lift my whole leg up but that gets tiring, I was wondering if there was another way? so far I'm playing hana no uta, and gekkouchou on extreme to try to practice bass but... I keep failing gekkouchou. XD any suggestions? (yes I've already dled gda + songs) what songs do you guys play with auto-bass? or do you even use auto-bass?
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DoogiDoogi - Korea's new drum-simulation game,

except that unlike Drummania, which has you playing an electronic drum kit, DoogiDoogi has you playing on real drums with acoustic triggers.

Their site (with videos) is here: http://www.doogidoogi.com/

Features include:
- modes for both Konami-style "falling-notes" and scrolling sheet-music notation
- set includes high-hat (with pedal), foot-operated bass drum, snare drum, three toms, and two crash cymbals
- some kind of attachment that allows for drums and karaoke simulanteously
- enclosure available for arcade settings

As for songs, Chi from DDRUK (who has already gotten a chance to play a test-version) inforums us:
Amongst others: Nirvana, Metallica, Radiohead, Skid Row, Rage Against the Machine, Extreme , and lots of K-pop stuff that I haven't a clue about. Great songs.

So yeah, obviously can't help but hope that this machine makes it way to my area. The main problem is obviously that that an insane investment. The game itself is probably going to be at least 10k, and it'll be more with the enclosure (mandatory for arcades, which is obvious if you've ever played a real drum set). Also, you have to worry about jackasses breaking the game~ it's already a problem with Drummania, and I'm not sure if it'll be better or worse with this game, but I'm sure it'll still be an issue. Also, I'm sure the game will be mostly Korean songs, so it's hard to say how long American players would enjoy it with the 10 or so (my guess) Western songs. And, of course, two of the main components that made Drummania so fun, the ability to session with Guitarfreaks and the top notch Konami originals, won't be there.

But despite all that, I'm playing this shit first chance I get. =D
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Heyyy :DD

I'm new here~ I'm from Singapore..and actually I only started playing Drummania in the later half of last year(most of the time there were too many people watching, so I didn't dare to try)..but it's addictive @@;;

I was introduced by one of my friends..all she did was give me the full-length Taisetsu na Mono mp3, but I suppose that was enough to get me started >D;;

Anyway..I'm looking for the Dragon Blade mp3 now..I've been searching for it for hours and can't find it, would anyone be kind enough to donate it to me? ><;;;; Sorry..I just joined the community and I'm asking for a song already...
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Percussion Freaks upgrade

I've managed to restore a Percussion Freaks 3rd Korean to wonderfully accurate SS condition. I'm considering getting upgrades. I'm not sure what mix I'd like to upgrade to since the only other version I have played hands on has been 4th. Only suggestons that would give the pros/cons of the upgrade will be seriously considered.
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mp3 request?

hey there.
introductory post, of sorts i suppose. been playing drummania 9th mix for a while. basically since ddr got boring.
anyways i've been really searching for the mp3 to the song kagonotori.
i love it and would be willing to buy the cd just for it, but i can't find anyplace in my area that carries it or would even special order it for me.
can anyone help me out?
i'd be much appreciative.

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V2 - Live2Go!


It's out.

Songlist from the location test is here, and I will update with all the new song list when I can get it.

Romaji for the Japanese song names of above list:
愛のために -> Ai no tame ni (For love) - Ueta Aya
上海ハニー -> Shanghai Hanii (Shanghai Honey) - Orange Range
ツバサ -> Tsubasa (Wing) - Under Graph
夏の扉 -> Natsu no Tobira (Summer Door) - Matsuda Seiko
南風 -> Minami Kaze (South Wind) - Remioromen
未来の地図 -> Mirai no Chizu (Map of the Future) - Mi
楽園の天使 -> Rakuen no Tenshi (Paradise Angel) - Koezuka Yoshihiko
リライト -> Reraito (Re-Write) - Asian Kung-Fu Generation
星のカケラ -> Hoshi no Kakera (Piece of Star) - Yum!Yum!Orange
魔法のタルト -> Mahou no Taruto (Magic Tarot) - Twinkle☆Berry
CaptivAte? ~裁き~ -> CaptivAte? ~sabaki~
君のハートにドキュン -> Kimi no haato ni Dokyun

Time to rejoice. =)

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Clint Eastwood - The Gorillaz(GDA)

-sorry its on megaupload, had to have someone upload it for me.
-by request it should be at leat 30-ish difficulty but if you dont give a crap about changing it then who cares.
-there might be a few missed notes and such. i sort of submitted it in a rush so i didnt actually double check it as much as i should have.
-i DONT have photoshop. LIVE WITH PAINT PLEASE
-enjoy, please leave me some feedback if you like it.