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Tiger Hates LJ

God yes

The best part was screaming at all the anime lessers afterwards to take pictures.
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Why are you bringing Akira into this? O_o;;
Because he's not better than Rowen or I
That's funny that you should know that. You've never seen him play, have you?

Is that you best perfect % on Timepiece? What's Rowen's? And how about Ver2's? Just curious ^^
It was just a question; you don't have to get all riled up. But if you don't want to answer it, I could understand why.

Anyway, Akira doesn't give a jack shit about competition, he just likes playing the game. So unfortunately, I must refrain from further posting his scores in public forums.
Hey, if believing that makes you happy, that's fine with me. =) I'm sure he couldn't care less, as well.
It's true, that's what's so cool about Akira. He doesn't give a flying fluck about competition or who gets a better score. He just plays for fun. I kind of expected him to act arrogant or like a total dumbass (that would be sad considering this is just a video game) but he's nothing like that at all. He is very humble, doesn't say anything when other people play, and never rolls his eyes or complains when autobassers or newbies go up next.

And btw tigerkakke, I have seen him play Timepiece and Tamayura on Extreme and he handily gets a much higher % than you on either song. I even have some vids I made of him playing but like you say Melchior, I don't think he'd appreciate it that other people are "bragging" for him. Then again, I do have a pic of his score for Tocatta Extreme :)

Chocobo Racer...
If you're still that childish and stupid about this, realize this: There's always going to be someone better than you, not in just a video game, but in nearly anything you do in real life. Just go take a look at the Konami GF/DM web site, at the rankings section. Nearly everyone there, even on the most difficult songs on Extreme, gets full combos. It's merely who gets the higher % of perfects. Yes, even Akira is ranked there, I think he was like #30 in Japan. But unlike you, he doesn't feel the need to brag or boast about it and make a fool of himself.

Also, whenever someone brings up a valid point or argument, you can't seem to ever respond to it in a real way. Why is that? Are you like 10 years old? Can't seem to grasp such abstract concepts such as, "nobody cares", "there's actually people better than you?", or "I'm not smart enough to start to a real discussion with you!"?
I completely refuse to argue you in any way until you get yourself a livejournal you miscellaneous-man you.
You completely refuse to argue in any way because you simply can't. You've already proven just how stupid and immature you are by the very nature of your posts. What's stopping you from arguing now?

My font is arial! It's standard baby!
Oh and the fact that you're completely not even close to being an important enough person for me to use my argumentalist skills against.

That's 'cause you don't have any argumentative skills to begin with besides throwing a tantrum and writing utter garbage and laughable comebacks. Please, do continue, you just prove that what I say is true: you're way too stupid to even know how to argue in writing, can't express your thoughts properly in words, and you've proven beyond a doubt you're your own worst enemy based upon what and how you write your previous posts.
Can you not read?

I told you I don't find you to be an important person in any such way at all. Why would I waste my time trying to argue to prove a point 'online'?

In truth.. I really care 0% about looking smart against someone who's too lazy to even get a livejournal (especially since you seem to be oh-so-involved in the world of lj). So please.. continue to reply so I can continue to say:

"I don't care enough to engage in conversation with you."
Hah, like I say, you are your own worst enemy and you're not smart enough to know it. The ironic part is, you think you're such a smartass when it's apparent you're nothing more than a total dumbass. You wanna why?

1. You change the original subject of this entire post 'cause you know yourself it's far too silly to be even worth talking about. You just don't want to admit that it was really stupid of you to say it in the first place. "Oh I'm so much better than some guy I've never even seen play DM before. Since I have never seen him play, therefore, I must be better than him! Or better yet, he probably doesn't even exist!".

2. You do indeed care 100% (contrary to your claim of 0%), you do find it important enough (contrary to your claim of not finding any importance), and you do care about trying to not look dumb because you keep on replying. You even admit it yourself except you're just not bright enough to come up with good replies.

3. You say you don't want to waste your time (as opposed to wasting your time by making such a stupid claim against our friend in the first place) online by refusing to argue against someone who doesn't have a LJ goes back to point #1. But yet, here are you making a fool of yourself with childish, unintelligent, boring, and unoriginal comebacks 'cause you do indeed care 100% about not looking like a total 'tard.
I notice you made yet another reply to me that I'll completely skip over and not read. Is it worth the time you put into it?

I'm so close to S'ing Onihime. Where's your god now?

Re: This is Chocobo Racer


12 years ago

Hmm, I should cosplay and play DrumMania during the con I'm going to this summer...if a machine exists on the campus. X3

Anime sucks.



December 15 2005, 22:27:12 UTC 11 years ago

What a shitty score man.

You can't compare yourself to great players with a score below 80% on FUCKING TAMAYURA
Listen... I didn't want to bring this up.. as it's just too unfair. So I kinda just sat on it until some idiot came up with a dumbshit comment like this.

But I was drunk as FUCK while playing this song.

You think I fuckin' cared about how many perfects I got then? I was at a fucking -anime convention- all those idiots care about is the fuckin' grade at the end of the song.




December 15 2005, 22:27:34 UTC 11 years ago

What a shitty score man.

You can't compare yourself to great players with a score below 80% perfects on FUCKING TAMAYURA
Does anyone still even fucking play this shitty game anymore?